Kristen Bell and Dax ShepardThey may have to keep Febreze near their bed because it can make them feel a bit “raunchy”. 

During the Feb. 7 podcast episode of Armchair Expert, Bell and her hubby opened up about allowing their daughters Lincoln8 and Delta, 6, to sleep in their bedroom while disclosing an incident that had the whole family searching for the source of a bad odor.

As Bell recalled, “So, in our bedroom, you know, the girls sleep on the floor of our bedroom and a few nights ago, I smell a really raunchy smell and I’m like, ‘Who’s farting?'”

Shepard and her girls, 41 years old, apologized to Bell for the incident and she took responsibility. However, the next morning, Bell said she noticed the scent was still lingering throughout their bedroom and this time, it smelled like something was burning. 

Bell claimed that she cleaned the area, opened windows, and lit candles to remove the smell, but it didn’t go away.