Valentine’s Day is this weekend Kris JennerA full house of lovers was hosted.

She is also a longtime partner. Corey Gamble, the 66-year-old mom hosted Galentine’s Day gathering at her house and invited a few of friends, including actress Lori Loughlin.

Kym Douglas, a lifestyle & beauty expert who has appeared on CelebHomes’s Daily Pop, posted a video and two photos from the sweet soirée, explaining that it was her first Valentine’s Day alone in 40 years.

“My friends didn’t want me to be by myself so we had a little Galentines day dinner at @krisjenner ‘s,” she shared on Instagram earlier this week. The night was so sweet and I don’t have to dread Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent with your partner or lover. It can also be shared with friends, family members, animals, neighbors, or even a book.

Elle added that “love comes in many forms.”