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Kopari Sun Shield body glow SPF 50

The shopper said that she has never felt so passionate about sunscreen. This stuff is amazing. This sunscreen is so easy to apply, and the smell is amazing. My skin is so soft. However, it’s not safe for reef use.

One other person said, “I’m happy about this sunscreen. “I’ve searched for this product since 2000.

Kopari customers raved about the product, saying “This is my favorite suncare product!” Because I am sensitive to the sun, and my skin tends to burn quickly due to rosacea (which is why I use fake tanner). Yesterday, I tried the Kopari Sun Shield while working in my yard. Four hours of sun exposure was enough for me! The Kopari Sun Shield saved me from being as burnt as tomatoes and preventing me from moving for several days. It feels great on my skin, and leaves me feeling wonderfully hydrated. The product was able to withstand sweat and dirt without any damage. I’m super impressed!”

One customer said that the sunscreen makes her want to use sunscreen. It’s so moisturizing. The pump bottle is my favorite. It pushes the product to the top as it’s used.

This product is amazing. This product protects my skin during hiking, boating and golf. “It’s not sticky, and it goes on naturally smooth,” wrote someone.

One customer said, “This sunscreen has been my favourite, and it prevents burns. It’s easy to use and absorbs quickly into your skin.

One person shared that the product was not sticky. On a humid 85-degree day, it melted in my skin. It could be a bit more sparkling, but it is truly amazing!”

The shopper stated, “This is my favorite summer product!” The product is so moisturizing and smells divine. It also gives my skin a gorgeous glow. A glow… not body glitter which I love! My fair skin will also be protected from the sun. It’s something I wear every day. I get asked about my perfume and complimented for how beautiful my skin is in this dry climate. Bravo Kopari!

Kopari shoppers said that this was their favorite sunscreen. It’s easy to apply, feels soft, smooth and makes my skin look radiant.