Dunst, Plemons and others enjoyed the chance to get back together. Dog PowerThe series premieres on Netflix December 1. They once again play husband and wife, well-meaning rancher George and the recently widowed single mother Rose, whose new marriage is threatened by George’s cruel and manipulative brother, played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

“I mean, when I watch Jesse and I on the mountaintop, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, we’re so dorky,’ because we have to act so reserved with each other, and we have a child together,” Dunst, who called working with director Campion a “lifelong dream,” said on The Envelope, “It’s just funny to pretend there’s no history with someone you have a tremendous amount of history with. This is just bizarre.

She said, “Maybe we could have, like, I’m not sure, a nice cocktail if we were all alone up there.” It was like he was in his small outfit, while I teach him how to dance waltz. His line, “It’s so nice not to be alone”, is my favorite part of the movie. That was the moment I broke down and wept. I was just—I was so moved by his performance that day. Also, I don’t think I was a good dance teacher. This waltz. It was a waltz. It was possible. “I figured out how I could teach him.”