There is nothing more romantic than sleeping under the stars with the stars. 

Kirsten DunstAnd Jesse Plemons made the red carpet at the 2022 SAG Awards their date night out on Sunday, Feb. 27. While fans may know them from their onscreen romance, their appearance at the award show offered a rare appearance of their offscreen romance as well. 

Kirsten looked radiant in a sparkling red gown with Jesse beside her. Jesse spoke with CelebHomes News about how much he appreciated the creative team as well as the experience of working on the film with his wife. 

The couple was honored at the SAG Awards. Dog Power, which they both starred in as an onscreen couple. Kirsten was also nominated as an Outstanding Performance By a Female Actor for a Supporting Roll. For the same role, she is nominated to win an Oscar. 

But before they were George Burbank and Rose Gordon, they were Peggy and Ed Blumquist in Fargo. Both met while filming the dark comedy crime story anthology. The two began to date in 2016. They kept their relationship secret, but Jesse surprised fans by surprising them with a diamond engagement ring at Palm Springs Film Festival in 2017. This confirmed that Jesse had proposed. They haven’t officially married. But that hasn’t prevented them from getting married.