The King of Staten Island is turning in his crown.

Interview with NBCLX Pete Davidson revealed that he is saying goodbye to his native Staten Island.

Chatting with the host Tabitha Lipkin from his bedroom—which featured a candle of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Pete explained, “Sorry, I’m moving so my place is disgusting. Brooklyn, I am moving! It’s exciting! 

The move doesn’t mean he has any ill will toward his hometown. The comedian maintained that he does “love Staten Island,” but that it unfortunately “takes too long to get over the bridge,” especially with Saturday Night Live taping in midtown Manhattan.

Neben seiner Rolle in dem Film, starred er. King of Staten Island—inspired in part by his own life experiences—Pete has made multiple references to his hilarious love-hate relationship with the borough throughout his career.

This includes an SNL Sketch last November when he made a parody about Marc Cohn‘s 1991 hit “Walking in Memphis” titled “Walking in Staten.”