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You don’t have to be comfortable to look great or glamorous. Kim KardashianShe has perfected chic off-duty fashion, be it in cozy sweats at her home, or high heels while on the move. The clothing label of reality television star SKIMS allows you to sport the same style by wearing pieces from their collection.

SKIMS has just released the Utility Sport Collection, featuring sleek and sporty pieces, inspired by Kim’s outfit. These track jackets and track pants are comfortable, as well as tank tops, bodysuits, shorts, and tank tops. Every piece is available in three colors— stone, gun metal, and onyx. These looks are essential for any outfit, no matter if you’re a runner or just a fan of the look.

The SKIMS Utility Sport Collection will be available for purchase on July 8, 2022, at 12:00 ET/ 9:00 PT.