These date-night pics are a very special delivery—no Amazon expedited shipping required.

Kim Kardashian Pete DavidsonRecently, I was on a second date. Jeff Bezos And his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, in Los Angeles. They went to A.O.C Restaurant in West Hollywood on April 10th for their late-night excursion. According to one eyewitness, Kim & Pete seemed more infatuated than ever. Thank youThe must-see pictures are proof.

CelebHomes News was told by an eyewitness that Kim and Pete arrived in their Maybach while Lauren and Jeff were dropped off by a driver. They ate for three hours together. All four of them emerged, Pete and Kim leading.
According to the eyewitness, Kim and Pete had been PDA. Kim was laughing and snuggling up to Pete. They both giggled when she whispered in Pete’s ear. The two of them wrapped their arms around one another as they walked to the car. Pete opened the doors for Kim, making sure that she was safe.