On Saturday, the Queen and King of Staten Island will be live in New York!

18 Dec. Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson reunited in the New York City borough he calls home for a movie date. This reality star is Saturday Night Live star were photographed inside Eltingville’s Atrium Stadium Cinemas on Staten Island around 6 p.m. Longtime friend joined them. Scott DisickHer sister, Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex.

Kim wore a black outfit Pete sported a light green floral fleece jacket and a black backpack, while Scott wore a white puffer jacket and black pants. A theater source told the Staten Island Advance/SILive.com that the trio was seeing the Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Jared Leto Film House of Gucci.

Several fans posted photos Kim, Pete and Scott at the movie theater on social media. Later that night, one of the fans shared a TikTok video of Kim, Pete and Scott arriving at Angelina’s Ristorante on Staten Island.