Goodbye, Samantha; hi there, Sophie! 

Seems Kim Cattrall will probably be again on our tv screens this winter in spite of everything. On Nov. 5, Deadline introduced that Cattrall will probably be becoming a member of the solid of Hulu’s new spinoff present, How I Met Your Father, as the long run model of Hilary Duff‘s character, Sophie. Like Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) in How I Met Your Mom, Sophie is telling her son the story of how she met his father. Cattrall, who made headlines earlier this 12 months when it was introduced that she would not be returning to the Intercourse and The Metropolis’s solid for the spin-off, will parallel Bob Saget, who performed the older Ted.

Sophie transports again to 2021, the place she and her “close-knit group of mates are within the midst of determining who they’re, what they need out of life, and the way to fall in love within the age of courting apps and limitless choices,” in response to Hulu’s description of the present.

We marvel if Sophie is extra of a Tinder, Hinge or Bumble sort of lady.