She joined before she was The Killing Eve as Hélène, Camille CottinIt was just like watching a movie with anxious anticipation to see the ending between Eve and Villanelle.

She tuned in every week as the two characters, portrayed by SAndra Oh and Jodie ComerOver the three seasons, he played cat and mouse. Camille revealed that “I was obsessed” in an interview with CelebHomes News. And when I first started to watch the show, it was a surprise that I’d be part of it.

It’s more than just her presence. The Character that is between Eve and Villanelle.

In episode four of season four, Eve shows Hélène that she’s not afraid of her by stripping down and climbing into a bathtub with the assassin trainer. Though it starts off on a somewhat steamy note as Eve shaves Hélène’s legs, the mood changes when the tub squeaks under the pressure of their bodies. 

“It’s thought of as being really erotic and sensual, and it ends up really awkward,” Camille said, laughing as she remembered filming. “Sandra was saying, ‘I’ve been in a lot of bath scenes in my career and I can tell you we’re going to float, so we really need some things to keep us down’—and she was right! You can’t keep your head above water in a bath.