It appears that Khloe KardashianDoesn’t like to rehash the past.

Khloe organised a Twitter party with 30,000,000 of her friends on June 9 as she progressed through Hulu’s latest episode. The Kardashians. Khloe was smart to request support as the episode featured the chaos sequence of events which led Khloe discovering her off-and-on boyfriend Tristan ThompsonHad been slapped with a paternity suit.

The scene was set. Khloe tweetedThis is what I said: Rewatching the part was uncomfortable, but my family means more to me than anything. We praise the Lord that they are there for me.

Kim KardashianTristan’s news was received in the gym. It sparked frantic telephone calls between sisters. Kourtney Kardashian Kylie JennerAll of this with the understanding that Khloe had not been struck yet. 

Kylie once asked: “Is Tristan one of the most evil people on this planet?”

These moments are so beautiful that it seems like the entire episode was being watched. Khloe tweetedAwww Keeks, you sweetheart in the gym scene. “I love you Keeks,” With a watery eye emoji, she accompanied her tweet.