Just four years ago, the actor lost his role as the star of The Big Bang Theory. House of Cards after allegations of sexual assault and misconduct surfaced against him.

2017. Anthony RappSpacey, then 14, accused the actor of having been inappropriate sexually with him. Spacey posted a response to Buzzfeed News’ October story on social media hours later.

His words at that time were: “I am absolutely horrified to listen his story.” The encounter was more than 30 years ago. I don’t recall it as clearly. However, if I had behaved in the manner he describes, I apologize to him for being so drunk. He also needs my sincere apology for carrying the hurt feelings with me for many years.

Spacey was later charged with indecent assault in 2018 and pleaded not guilty. CelebHomes News later obtained court documents that show the charges were dropped because of “unavailability by the complaining witness.”