They’ll find happiness when they stop chasing it. Jonas Brothers are likely running after their little ones these days.

All three rock band members are now dads Kevin Jonas⁠—who co-hosts You can claim fameHe premiered July 11th, along with his younger brother. Frankie Jonas⁠⁠—exclusively told CelebHomes News that playdates can get “really fun” with so many lovebugs in the picture. “We try to spend as much time together as we can,” he shared during the ABC Summer Junket on June 22, explaining that their family members also “work together a lot throughout the year” to make sure there’s one big reunion for the holidays.

It’s the job of our mother to decide whose house it gets to. [go to],” quipped Kevin, who shares daughters Alena8. Valentina5 with your wife Danielle Jonas at their New Jersey home. “We ask each other, then she decides.”

While get-togethers are admittedly “a bit of a challenge” with family members living in different states, Kevin is delighted to have a “little brat pack of kids” within their clan⁠—which includes Joe JonasThe 23-month-old daughter WillaWith Sophie TurnerAnd Nick JonasA 5-month-old baby girl Malti with Priyanka Chopra.