Drama alert.

The ladies would be delighted if they could The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls TripThought Cynthia BaileyThe “Bailey-Cue”, shady name, isn’t it? Kenya MooreTomorrow’s episode will feature all that is in store.

In this sneak peak clip she describes that it is her turn as host for an activity and they have decided to play a game. 

Kenya explains that they have said “shady” things about one another on their own shows. “And so I asked my assistant to do some research. She came up with these cards that list things we said on their respective shows.

Ramona Singer instantly reacts, telling Kyle Richards“Oh s—t. I’m having trouble.” 

The Real Housewives of New York star isn’t the only only one who knows just how badly this is going to end. 

“Oh Kenya,” Melissa GorgaTells you theRHUGTIn a confessional, cameras. You know that this will only make us bark at one another.