Kendall JennerHe has discovered inner peace.

Interview fori-D Spring 2022: The Out Of Body IssueThe model thought about her anger at paparazzi in the past and how she feels now.

Kendall stated, “I used too be angry.” You can find videos that I used to scream at the paparazzi, not for any reason but for an obvious reason. It’s just that I feel a lot better about things.

What is the reason for this change? It’s difficult to explain, she stated. It’s something you can learn to accept, I suppose.

Kendall stated that her calmness is due to several therapeutic hobbies such as sound healing and exercise, and journaling, once or twice per week, to help with anxiety and depression.

Kendall stated that it is crucial to find a place that you are comfortable in. She also shared that her belief in manifestations. Our minds have incredible power.”