Today, Kelsea Ballerini She loves herself as if it is her intention.

The 28-year-old country music star opened up about her past body image issues in her new book of poetry Enjoy Your JourneyShe shared that she had struggled with an eating disorder since childhood and sought help when she was 18. Ballerini wrote a poem called “Kangaroo” in which she recalled the nickname that a boy had given her for her marsupial-like “belly, little legs” during her childhood.

Ballerini stated that as a kid she was on diet pills and had bulimia. Now she looks back at the progress she’s made since those difficult times. She shared her story with PeopleA new interview revealed that “It’s an ongoing journey”

After a successful campaign, Ballerini was certain that this lesson rang true for her.TodayPerformance in 2015. She “seen an article that said: “Ballerini debuts a baby bump.”

She recalls, “I was triggered again by it all. Or you will get past it.”