This is a story that every parent can relate too: Kelly Ripa And ConsuleosThey are “sickened,” according to their children.
Watch the episode from March 7, 2007 Kelly and Ryan: Live With Kelly, the co-anchor revealed that Michael, 24, Lola20 and Joaquin19-year-old Veronica gets “grossed out” by her and the Riverdale actor—particularly when they’re eating.
Kelly stated to the crowd, “They are sickened by our presence.” And I have no idea why. However, they don’t like our eating habits. They laugh a lot at my food.”
Why? Well, as Mark went on to explain, his wife of more than 25 years does not use utensils to eat. 
Kelly (51), Mark said Kelly will eat normal food. Kelly will however, “put the plate infront of me and then grab it. Then you put all three of your fingers, including the tips, in to your mouth.”