CelebHomes – What do you love most about Old Navy?
KP: It’s the colors and the patterns for me and also the very, very good pricing, and I gotta be honest with that you. They always have great deals and they are very affordable. This is especially important in these times. We want to be afforded high quality items that don’t break the bank. 

CelebHomes – Why did you join Old Navy for the ALL – IDAYS campaign?
KP: I think it’s a very American brand in all the ways that I feel like I represent. It’s inclusive, celebrating all the different cultures and denominations like. To me, that’s what I feel when I think of being an American. Old Navy has been a great representation of this and it’s the same for the holidays. We celebrate all people and all traditions.

This campaign is is very much in line with who Old Navy has always been though. I was even just looking at an Old Navy commercial from 2003 with Lil’ Kim.  Old Navy has been doing this for a long time, trying to let everyone know that “everyone is invited here”, and that’s very important.

A really cool fun fact off-camera is that everybody who’s been in charge is a woman, literally the director, all the people that work for the agency, the clients, everybody. That’s quite nice. This is a large company, if you think about it. This is a significant accomplishment. To see women in these positions, it’s definitely representative of the evolution that is happening and we’re continuing to try to grow forward as a society.

CelebHomes: Which pair is your personal favourite?
KP: I have 2. One is the rainbow-colored complete onesie. The second is a red and green two-piece that I have.