Keke PalmerIs stepping in as the Stallion’s replacement.

Keke, best known for her work in Scream QueensHustlersThe next star is Jordan PeeleThe next blockbuster Nope, will take over for Megan Thee Stallion A judge for the HBO Max competition series in ballroom LegendaryThe third season of ‘The Friend,’ will premiere on May 19. Megan was a judge in the two previous seasons. Her departure was not explained.

Megan had a high-ranking judging role that was taken over by the actress.

According to her, “The iconic ballroom scene is my favorite and it was exciting for me to discover more about this culture.” Interview MagazineIn May 2021. It is dramatic and theatrical and I was drawn to it because of the chance to watch people come up with new and exciting routines every week.

What about the other judges? Ballroom legend Leiomy Maldonado, actress Jameela JamilCelebrity stylists Law RoachEach of them will return to join Keke as a panelist. Host Dashaun WesleyIt’s back again for season 3.