This Ice CubeA story will warm your heart.

Here’s a sneak peak at tonight’s show. Celebrity Game FaceCelebHomes will air the following: Keke Palmer Her former mentor shares her moving advice Long Shots Once, she was told by a co-star.

Keke asks her competitors the trivia question: “The first person who warned me about boys was a member: A) of my family, B), my church or C” N.W.A.” 

Finally, Keke spills the beans about what happened: 

“When I was 12 years old, I did this.Long shotsIce Cube. While I was growing up in the industry, I was beginning to age. I was just starting to Get together,” Keke jokes.

She says, “Ice Cube, I pulled you to the side.” He was like, “Keke, I understand you’re growing up and I just want to help you understand that the way these men see you isn’t always what you see.” That was Ice Cube. Isn’t he just the best?