This is what it looks like Kaylee Bryant has cemented her CW Legacy.

Bryant made his debut on The CW’s Dec. 16th, having appeared four times. LegaciesThe last series regular. The 24-year-old actress, who portrayed Josie Saltzman, the twin daughter of Alaric Saltzman Josette Laughlin that dates Finch, on the Vampire Diaries and Originals spin-off drama since it premiered in 2018, took to Instagram on the premiere date of the episode to express her gratitude to the fans of the series. 

“As an admirer of The Vampire DiariesBryant said, “I am the universe.” “I am grateful to all my fans for accepting me into the world.

Josie made it clear that she had helped many people to feel confident in their sexuality. She hoped her legacy would continue so that all can be loved, regardless of gender.

On the episode, Josie bought a one-way ticket out of Mystic Falls, saying goodbye to both the town and her girlfriend, Finch. Josie said goodbye to Finch in an emotional farewell.