We’re certainly hearing Katy Perry roar, especially since she’s been demanding a cash-only offer on her massive……..um…….asset. Of course, we’re referring to Katy’s 7 bed and 11 bath estate on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. She’s been trying to sell off the 8,835 sq ft home for a considerable amount of time now. At first, she was asking for $6.925 million. Two months later, $6.495 million. A few months later, $5.988 million. Why has the price gradually dwindled down, you might ask. Although the 2.98 acre property attracted buyers to the point where sales were pending, they all fell through. I guess that Katy Perry thought it had something to do with the price.

Furthermore, her listing agent declared that the other reason is because the house needs some work. Perry’s got the price down. Now, to renovated the house that was built in 1925. I don’t know what exactly they’re referring to, but the outside looks nice and maintained. Wait til’ you see the interior. The walls and floors are decorative and artsy. The large backyard is beautiful. There you’ll find an interestingly shaped pool and a walkway that includes an arched mini-bridge. The house doesn’t have a fireplace, unlike most houses. However, it accommodates formal and casual dining. Also, appliances are included.

Address: 8159 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90069