A good portion of the time, a manager of a rock band is professional and civilized, unlike the band. That may not be the case for “The Doors” manager, Jeff Jampol. With a two-story pad in the ever so rockin’ L.A. like his, it’s difficult to not party Sunday through Saturday. Alright, maybe not that much. Nonetheless, Jeff would get alittle crazy on occasion and host major parties that would normally be saturated with music celebrities. Now, party central’s being sold off, for $1.849 million. This may or may not be the end of Jampol’s partying days. Oh who are we kidding. As long as he remains president of JAM, he’s going to keep rockin’.

The 2,290 sq ft home is a must-see. Just don’t allow yourself in any of Jeff’s offices or meeting rooms. The estate was built in 1952. It spans 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has a long narrow hallway fit for hanging accomplishments (or various photos of musicians). The ground floor is where you’ll find the garage that extends long and wide. The home boasts comfortable living, and the backyard. Myyyyyyy goodness, the backyard. It would be no surprise if it was featured in the top backyards of America.

The backyard is engulfed by beautiful foliage. Owner(s) and guests would feel as thought they’re on a private island, complete with a swimming pool, firepit & lounge seating, BBQ area, outdoor kitchen…….yeah………And the main house’s kitchen is furnished with stainless steel appliances. Other amenities include security system, gated entrance and personal sprinkler system. Pull out your wallet, because you won’t find much bang for your buck elsewhere. Even if you were to, it would be awhile til’ you find a some kind of bargain.

Address: 7963 Willow Glen Rd, Los Angeles CA 90046