John said that John was not happy with the timing of their relationship. John explained however, that they had chemistry and that he felt “lost for words” with his best friend.

His words were: “Once Katie was aware that we shared a common romantic interest, we weren’t starting over; we were building upon the foundations of a close friendship,” he said. It was truly terrifying to see how quickly I found myself falling for such a nurturing and caring person. Fear was my fear. I felt safe every step.

He said, “Our choice to make our public statements was an act of self-interest to achieve the happiness we desired.” It’s okay to disagree with another person about how they want it done. Everyone is unique. I understand.”

John apologized to everyone who was “emotionally triggered” by our actions.

His words were: “It’s deeply disappointing to me to think my and Katie’s relationship could be a source anxiety for ANYONE.” “It is wrong to cheat in any way. I’m sorry it appeared that either one of our relationships was exploiting anyone’s trust.