While there was no “last straw” of sorts, she claims Schwartz “didn’t really do anything” after hearing her feelings on where they stood, as he believed her worries were simply something that would pass.

“I believe he believed that I was just gonna move on or get over it.” And then—it was a couple weeks later—I had decided that I had wanted to get a divorce,” she said, claiming it was the best decision for both them and herself. I think that we both had changed and grown apart, and maybe our marriage was not the best for us.

And though Schwartz “didn’t necessarily agree” with Maloney’s decision, he didn’t fight her about it.

While the two are still living together for the time being, Maloney revealed that she is ready to jump back into the dating pool. Having not been single since she was 24, the now 36-year-old is excited to meet new people “the old-fashioned way” and not through dating apps.

She said, “It would seem that being together for twelve years would make you not want to do that.” But, if you live with your ex it can present certain obstacles.

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