Katherine HeiglShe is celebrating her baby girl Adalaide10 years ago,’s birthday was marked by a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

On April 3, actress at 43 shared on Instagram a clip that her husband had made. Josh KelleyMade in celebration of Adalaide’s special day. This clip lasted just over one minute and featured footage from Adalaide’s life, starting as a baby up through the present. Throughout the video, viewers got a glimpse into the family’s world, including Katherine and Josh cradling Adalaide when she was an infant, Adalaide playing with her big sister NaleighAdalaide and Adalaide, who are now 13 years old, were having fun recently with a virtual reality setting.

Katherine was captivated by the video of Adalaide, her beautiful, “fiery” and “witty”, but couldn’t help thinking about how Adalaide had grown.

She captioned the video, “Ten Years ago today Adalaide entered the world and became a member of our family.” She was my smallest child. At just 4 pounds, 11 ounces. Her tiny legs could barely reach my wrist and she would fit comfortably in my palm. She was soon called a peanut by me. My beautiful, delicious, observant peanut.”