Oh my, there are babies and lions!

Katharine McPhee FosterRennie, her first birthday celebration, took his guests out into the wilderness. Katharine posted photos from her jungle party to Instagram. Rennie had a great party with balloon towers of different colors, wild animals statues and a large playpen.

The birthday boy chose army green shorts and a striped white T-shirt with a green cargo coat. While mommy McPhee was wearing a brown gingham and a lion’s mane headband set, it proved to be perfect on topic. 

Katharine wrote in a letter to her sweetheart, Happy Birthday to the cutie-badie who turned 1 today. “Where did the time go?”

Katharine said that Katharine is proud to be a mom. Here are some highlights of his first party. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, RENNICelebHomes