She felt that “gift” in action when it came time to model her newly released limited-edition capsule collection with MINDD Bra, a brand of bras designed for D+ women.  

“I just arrived to the photo shoot and I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, I wish I was five pounds lighter. I wish my stomach was more toned,’ but I just embrace,” she explained. “I think the old me probably would have had pressure to, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to like really stop eating because I have a photo shoot coming up’…I don’t do that anymore.”

As a result, “I’m so much happier, so much more peaceful,” McPhee said, “and actually, the extra weight that I gained while I was pregnant has just sort of fallen off naturally. I never had to torture myself to do any of those things.”

McPhee’s capsule collection with MINDD Bra is available now.