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You want to be a star this summer! We’ve got a weekend sale that has everything you need to do so and more. Get ready to shop, because these deals are too tempting to miss. 

Kate Spade Surprise just dropped some brand new styles for summer and everything is on sale for up to 75% off. This applies to their splashy new novelty Poolside Collection which features a fun pool float crossbody bag that’s guaranteed to get all the compliments and a large tote that’s sure to fit all your summer vacay essentials.

The Rainbow Collection for Pride was also launched. It features brightly colored bags and accessories you will want to wear all month. Plus, they’re even having a great deal on the Everyday Spade Enamel Slider Bracelet, where you can get two for just $40. This is a great deal considering the price for one was $49! All the colors in the rainbow will be yours! The Trevor Project receives 10% of all net profits for the Rainbow Collection. 

Kate Spade Surprise has a lot of great deals for bags under $90 that will be perfect for summer travel. We’re talking packable totes, crossbody bags to keep it hands-free and more. You won’t be disappointed if you find a bag that is as low as $300. 

Below are the top Kate Spade Surprise deals. You can see them all below.