Kate HudsonHas figured out how to get rid of a guyOne day.
The actress shared her wisdom on Instagram Jan. 6 in the form of her most “embarrassing” dating story during a fun game of Truth or Drink, which centered around promoting her gluten-free vodka brand. Kate spilled a lot of tea, instead of drinking.
“My most embarrassing date—I wasn’t embarrassed,” she said. She said, “I went on a series of dates in one day.” Same date. “I arrived with one date, and left with another.”
Fans couldn’t stop giggling at Kate’s honest honesty. A follower wrote, “Cause it is absolutely possible !!!!!!.” (Guilty).” One person added: “Guilty.” Another follower added, “Hahahahahaha that’s awesome love it!!!”
Just in case, you might be wondering: Kate officially quit the dating world a couple of years ago. Kate, her longtime partner, announced her engagement last year. Danny FujikawaTheir 3-year-old daughter is also their dad. Rani.