There’s no rest for anyone keeping up with the Kardashians.

Hulu has released a brand new teaser video for its family’s new series, titled “The Original Series” on Monday, February 7. The Kardashians. The clip shows the entire family dressed in white for a photo shoot. A threatening message appears across the screen saying “All walls will be destroyed.” The streaming service announced the addition of a bonus episode, stating that new episodes will be released every Thursday and the show would be available starting April 14.

Since then Keep Up with the Kardashians came to an end in 2020 after 20 seasons, the Kardashian-Jenner crew has managed to keep details surrounding their new project a secret. But in recent weeks, teasers posted online have suggested Kim KardashianHer sisters and she are eager to once more share their lives with cameras crews. You can find out more at Kendall JennerA February 4, preview stated, “You do not know what is coming.”