Karate’s bad boy is headed to Cobra Kai.

Sean KananMike Barnes, a martial arts rebel from Mike Barnes was played by. Part III of The Karate KidSeason five, which premieres Sept. 9, will feature a guest appearance by.

Daniel LaRusso arrived at the (Ralph MacchioIn season four’s finale, Silver (a former foe) was mentioned.Thomas Ian GriffithThe Kreese, soon to be imprisoned (Martin KoveHe said that he would “call some old Cobra Kai friends to assist you while your gone.”

Karate Kid Part III, Silver hired Mike to defeat Daniel at the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament, before ultimately losing, flying into a rage and getting the Cobra Kai dojo banned from the tournament. 

It seems that the old ways of doing things are no longer effective.

According to the streamer, “Following shocking results from the All Valley Tournament,” season five will see Terry Silver expand the Cobra Kai empire while trying his ‘No Mercy” style of Karate. With Johnny Lawrence and Kreese in prison, it’s a good thing that Johnny Lawrence is here.William ZabkaDaniel LaRusso has to put aside karate in order for him to fix the damage done. He must also call an old friend.