Kanye responded, “Oh you using profanity. What are you doing right now? Pete replied, “In bed with your wife,” along with a selfie showing him lying on a bed. Kim isn’t seen in this pic, which Pete also called “literally, the most loving mother I have ever known” in texts to Ye.

Kanye referenced this conversation on his Instagram account. selfie videoWhile you are praying, he texts me. In the deleted clip, he stated that his boyfriend had texted him, antagonizing my, and boasting about being in bed beside me. He said, “I feel like, well, who watches my children, if he texts me, bragging that I am in bed with mine?”

According to a source, Kanye’s main focus is on his children.

CelebHomes News has reached out to Pete and Kim’s reps for comment and has not heard back. The comedian, known for his sense of humor on and offstage, had used Dave’s Instagram to send a public message before—to pay tribute to late Voll House Star Bob Saget following the fellow comic’s death in January.