This trailer requires that you fasten your seatbelts, ensure your seat remains in an upright position and lock it. Trip.

The first teaser trailer for season 2 of HBO Max was released by HBO Max on March 17.The Flight Attendant—starringKaley Cuoco, Griffin Matthews Rosie Perez—which premieres April 21.

The show begins one year later than season 1. It finds Cassie Cuoco sober and living in Los Angeles with a new man. According to season description, she is also “moonlighting” as a CIA agent in her spare-time. Her overseas assignment causes her to witness the murder of a man she loves, and this leads to another intrigue.

Kaley speaks at the start of the teaser. “Hi, my name is Cassie. I’m an alcohol.” Most of my story is known by now. However, I am still a flight attendant but have been making better decisions. It’s almost like I feel like I am becoming a whole new person.