Kal PennIt’s a fact he has repeated before. 

Before becoming a bestseller and working alongside President Obama, Barack Obama, the actor helped launch the franchise Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. While it’s been more than 15 years since the first movie hit the big screen, Kal remembers how tricky it was to get the project out to the masses.

“When Harold and Kumar go to White Castle came out, I remember so clearly…the reason it got greenlit was there were two junior execs at New Line who were given this sort of baby,” he exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. They’re like: You only get one film a year to be greenlit, and they decided to greenlight Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. The older people around Hollywood, the older people in town were like, ‘We don’t know if America is ready for two Asian American men as leads in a comedy.'”

Kal, as well his co-star John ChoThe script struck a chord with him. They decided that the project would work.