Kal Penn Is Engaged to Longtime Partner Josh

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Kal PennIt is engaged

The 44-year-old Harold & KumarAnd House M.D. Star is about to marry his longtime love. JoshCelebHomes News confirmed that the actor’s manager was a spokesperson for the company on Sunday, October 31. Penn wrote about his fiancé in his new memoir, You Can’t Be SeriousThe book, titled “The Secret Life of the American Dream”, will be released on Nov. 2.

The actor and ex-White House staffer said, “I am engaged with a man and both our families will attend the wedding.” People. “The main issue is whether it’s big or small. I want the Indian big-ass wedding. Josh hates attention [has said]”Or we could just do a quick 20-minute thing together with our families and that’s all.” So we must meet halfway in between.”

Interview with CBS Sunday MorningPenn replied, “I mean Josh and me have been together for 11 year.” Our 11th anniversary was in October. For me and writing about it [in my book]The tricky thing is…it’s very fact-of-fact in our daily lives and when you’re the son or daughter of Indian immigrants and say that you want to be an actor, then the chaos that it creates in your family, and your community, will outweigh any other, always.”