Justin said, “I try not to make sure that we live a private life but I’m conscious of making it possible for them to have children as long as they want.” Dax Shepard while visiting his Armchair Expert podcast in January 2021. “And not to have someone else’s weight treating them differently for something their parents did.” 

CelebHomes News actually heard from a source in the same month that they had traded their big city lifestyle for an outdoor Montana lifestyle.

According to the source, “They will be there for work obligations when necessary, but they’re taking advantage of being outside of the city to get a totally different experience.” 

It sounds as if they are taking full advantage of the many fun activities available to them.  

Jessica and Justin both have lots of kids to take care of, but Jessica is super active, loves to hike, tennis and play golf. Silas is now old enough to be able to go with them, and he also loves it all. 

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