Justin Long may be seen laughing on your TV and the big screen. But, when he’s not acting, Justin’s probably beating himself up realistically for the sake of getting someone to buy his casa in L.A.. Don’t sweat it, Justin. You’re being involved in a lineup of movies for this year, and will be in another Chipmunks movie. Just buy another house that’s faaaaaaar away from the one you’ve been trying to sell for a couple of years now and forget about it entirely. Knowing that March 10 of this year marks Justin’s third attempt at selling the generous 3 bed and 5 bath floor plan, he wouldn’t listen to our advice.

There’s nothing that one can dislike about the artsy three-story 3,388 sq ft residency. It comes equipped with a security system (cameras included). Guests will walk through a zen-like entrance, and follow the passage til’ they shortly approach a large rich wooden door that beckons. There’s a fireplace in the living room, which contains a large opening and a small for temperature control. Upstairs has a nice secondary living room area, although smaller. Perfect for reading/studying.

Dining arrangements accommodate formal and casual evenings. Additional fireplaces can be found. As if the place isn’t seemingly cozy enough! Although there isn’t a pool or hot tub to be found on the 0.29-acre property, the views that the bottom patio and second floor balcony compensate fairly. But, whoever buys this real estate gem can arrange for a pool and/or hot tub to be built. The current asking price has dwindled down to $2.095 million.

Address: 5682 Holly Oak Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068