Justin LongHe proved that he was willing to do the extra mile for his cause Kate Bosworth… literally. 

On Thursday, January 20th, the Neue Girl The actor shared his Instagram Story on how he drove to Park City, UT, to premiere Bosworth’s latest film. Dancing Horses! Sundance Film Festival  

Long noticed that the Egyptian Theatre was quite quiet, even though it had been a premiere of a movie. “Where’s everybody?” Before he could catch the attention of two passers-by, he asked. He said, “Sorry. Do you know where everybody is?” “It’s the premiere tonight.”

When the actor was informed that the festival was online this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he appeared defeated as he slowly replied, “…so I could’ve seen it from home?” 

Long encouraged Long to check out the two, even though he was clearly disappointed. [the film]”I guess at home,” he replied, and thanked them. He reflected on his unfortunate adventure and said, “It wasn’t a bad drive.” Still beautiful.