Justin HartleyHe can’t and will not stop cheering for his wife. 

As Sofia PernasCelebrates season 2 premiere Treasures and BloodA special relative is giving rave reviews to the actress.

“She’s unbelievable,” Hartley exclusively told CelebHomes News at the Justin Turner Foundation’s charity bingo fundraiser. “I am in the position where I can sleep with a woman so gifted behind the camera, and also physically that it’s almost like she’s a stuntwoman. She’s brilliant.”

“She can speak five languages. She’s lovely. She is very worldly. Hartley spoke highly of his wife. Hartley continued, “Just when you feel you are doing well, and then you find someone like this, you know that you need to take the next step.”

Hartley stated that despite his relationship to one of the most prominent actors in the series, he was unable to view the new episodes ahead of time. He did have plans to celebrate this season.