A man playing an acoustic instrument is the best thing.

Except if you have twins.

Here’s a sneak preview of the March 15th episode This is UsKevinJustin HartleyWhile Madison, their mother Madison, tries to put her twins Nicholas and Francis to bed, he struggles with both.Caitlin ThompsonThe ). is not available.

The young man does the right thing for any father. He takes out his guitar, and sings “Anna Begins,” a cover song. Counting Crows.

He breaks into song and it becomes obvious that his singing abilities are not going to suffice. 

“Come on, guys. He pleads for help. It’s like listening to a soothing song. Do you not want to get to sleep? Would you like to sleep with Daddy? “It’s bedtime, men.”

Although Counting Crows is a good way to help us fall asleep, it’s not the only thing that counts.