To Justin BieberYour wife Hailey Bieber This isn’t for everyone.
In case you were unsure, Hailey was the clearest example of this when he dedicates his song “Anyone” during his concert on March 7, Los Angeles.
Justin: “This song will be dedicated my wife, Justin toldThe 25-year old model. “She’s out here somewhere. When I ask her questions, she hates me. You can see her blushing. Although she may hate me, I still love her. You are my baby, I love you. Let’s get on with it.
Hailey, for her part DidDo the right thing and reshare a video in which Hailey sings along with Justin’s songs to her Instagram Stories. Throughout the evening, Hailey also posted tons of footage from Justin’s on-stage performances—proving that she IsHer hubby is her number one fan.
Fans who keep up with this adorable couple will notice that Justin’s shoutout is less than one week after Hailey wrote a sweet post to celebrate the singer’s 28th Birthday on March 1.