Will Juno Temple return for season three? It’s time to be convinced! 

Following the finale of season 2, Ted Lasso, fans began to worry that the actress wouldn’t come back as a season regular on the comedy series, due to the fact that her character Keeley was no longer an employee of AFC Richmond.

Fans can rest easy now. On March 2, the star revealed on Twitter that Keeley isn’t going anywhere. 

Juno posted on Twitter, “Don’t worry My Loves.” “Keeley is going to be power walking through the season 3 x #TedLasso.”

Fans were elated when the news was broken by the actress. ImmediatelyRightfully, they started to freak out! User: “She better be,” wrote, “because Keeley Jones is the true hero of #TedLasso.”

Other addedJuno: “I am so glad to hear this! Keeley needs to be more popular in the world, so I am looking forward for you to slay in S3.

Others, however, didn’t understand why anybody was concerned in the first instance. tweeting, “Wait? Why should we worry? What happened? Keeley would riot if someone did anything to him.”

You can count on us to be there!