Julian Fellowes Dishes on Downton Abbey’s Future After Movie

Julian Fellowes Big plans are in store Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary—or shall we just say Mary?

Focus Features now available Downton Abbey: A New EraBut the author behind this beloved franchise already thinks about the future and telling The Hollywood Reporter“As long there is an audience, there will be something to say.”

There’s no word yet on a third installment of the film—”only the gods know,” Fellowes remarked—but if given the choice, he’d want to explore what happens to Mary (Michelle Dockery).

In fact, Fellowes planted the seeds for a new chapter in Mary’s movie storyline. Fellowes explained, “We see her grow and be aware of her responsibilities.” “What I want people to see in this movie is that she will be able make adjustments to the pace at which the 20th Century gathers steam, something her father would struggle with.

Mary decided to do away with all formalities, and go by her initials. According to the writer, “That is a very twentieth century way of doing things.”[Mary’s father]Would not respond, “Robert please.” No!”