Julia Stileswill be the mother to two children!

The following is the content for Thursday, November 18, 2008. The Last Dance is SavedThe premiere screening of the movie’s upcoming film was attended by actress HumansShe debuted her bump at the. The 40-year-old actress cradled her stomach in a black turtleneck dress, which highlighted the star’s glowing skin.

CelebHomes News later received confirmation from Julia by her rep that Julia is currently pregnant with her second baby. Preston J. CookIn the early part of next year.

The actress hasn’t discussed her pregnancy on social media, though she sparked some speculation when she promoted the podcast Dear Doula On her Instagram, October. Julia posted a teaser on Instagram, saying “OMG this looks so amazing.” You parents, this is what you need. Brandi is a voice that you might just listen to, even if you have no children.

The Ten Things I Hate about You star is private when it comes to her life at home, but she’s said that becoming a mother to her son, Strummer Cook, This has helped her to be a better actor.