CelebHomes News was told by a close source that Ye had spoken to the singer. Uncut Gems star “hit it off” from their first interaction. 

The insider stated that he loved her passion and energy, and knew she was a great person to share creative ideas with. He believes she is full of energy and has a lot fun. Kanye is always working on something creative, and Julia is definitely his latest muse. They met because he had a vision. He had all of these ideas and he was laughing, so she agreed to let him have it.”

In her Interview article, Julia said she doesn’t know “where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future I’m loving the ride.” While it’s possible that their love will blossom, CelebHomes News was told by a source that Ye said “it’s just not serious” and added that “He doesn’t look for anything right at the moment.”

It seems that Julia and her son are on the same page. She was told by a close friend that she is enjoying life and trying to make it work. But being a mom to her child is her top priority. 1 priority.”