Julia Fox has beef with Azealia Banks.

CelebHomes News only revealed this just one day after the exclusive CelebHomes News announcement.Uncut Gems breakout had split with Kanye “Ye” West following a whirlwind romance, Azealia shared some heated words about the pair’s short-lived relationship, claiming that it was a “weak PR stunt.” In several Instagram Story posts, the rapper “212” claimed Ye broke up with Julia “because she was a liability,” and that she had “lacked any motherly instinct.”

Azealia mentioned Julia’s struggles with addiction and prompted her to post. Forbidden FruitsShe defends her podcast host and responds.

“I am open and honest about my addiction issues because it is something I wish to de-stigmatize!” Julia shares a 13-month old son with her husband. ValentinoEx Peter ArtemievIn a now-deleted Instagram Story,, she wrote: “Not [all]They are addicts. It’s so terrible to hear. This is a terrible disease. My recovery process !!!” has been an open discussion.