Heard, who filed a $100-million countersuit against Depp for 2020, alleged that Depp “unlawfully targeted her” and defamed her with statements labeling her claims a “hoax.”

Rotternborn maintained that Heard didn’t write the headline, and that Heard was not the author of any statements. Rotternborn also argued that Heard made the statement in the piece. This is despite the fact that a video shows Depp verbally abuse Heard. Ben Chew Depp’s attorney argued Depp’s losses proved defamation. Heard in fact physically abused Depp. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor.

Azcarate said that the statement in the article was not dismissed, however, he has yet to decide whether to dismiss the case or keep it going for the claim about the headline. He explained this by requiring more evidence. Variety.

Since the beginning of trial, followers have been shocked by the many revelations have emerged about Heard and Depp’s marriage from 2015 to 2017. CelebHomes News will be keeping track of trial updates as the broadcast trial progresses.