Ever wanted to live like Judd Apatow? Yeah……..you may not have even the slighest idea as to what that may look like. It’s okay, because we didn’t know either, not until we found out that Leslie Mann’s man bought a place in the 90210 area 8 years ago, just to sell it in April of the following year. You might have an idea if you’ve seen his directorials 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.  Now, the current owner’s trying to sell the 1978 estate. This home surely puts flip-flops to shame. It’s been on the market for 2 months. Perhaps it’s because the current ruler(s) of the former Apatow mini-bachelor palace are asking for $3.495 million. That’s $1.627 million more than what Apatow and actress, Leslie Mann, sold the estate at. Let’s see what’s going on in there.

The listing’s description states that it’s a “beautiful cape cod remodel.” We suppose that it’s beautiful. Seems rather just lovely. Nonetheless, the interior’s very sleek and dons a high-end look and feel. The two-story 5,000 sq ft estate has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. balcony (upstairs), and a room that can be either a game room, library, or office. Kitchen’s furnished with large island table, stainless steel fridge, and range. Other amenities include pool w/ poolside lounge-like seating arrangement, central AC, a good-sized walk-in closet, and large one-door garage. The 1 acre property is surely both elegant and simple at best.

Address: 3060 Deep Canyon Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210